“How can I establish myself as a self-employed female escort?” This question is posed by the 42-year-old Ilona. Previously, working secretly part-time as a prostitute in clubs in Germany, she is now tired of hiding her profession. She dreams of “Easy Money” and living somewhere with lots of sun near the sea. And so, she decides to spend the summer in Athens, Greece, to see if she can make it there as a self-employed female escort and earn enough money to live a decent life and put some into savings. Not long after her arrival, she meets Violet, an experienced prostitute who gives her valuable tips on local customs, as well as introduces her to “fishing”. Ilona adopts the alias Anika and places an ad in a local weekly magazine. Highly motivated, she starts establishing her own clientele during which she meets numerous types of men, a few with extraordinary wishes. Exciting and entertaining, she describes her new job: from selecting outfits, phone calls with the customers, and last but not least, the actual work she is paid for — sex!

  • Untertitel:

    Diary of a Call Girl
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    Maria van Daarten
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    Vulgär & Erotik
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Maria van Daarten

Maria van Daarten

Maria van Daarten ist im Rheinland geboren und aufgewachsen. Viele Jahre ist sie durch Südeuropa gereist und hat immer wieder andere Jobs angenommen, um sich einen Lebensstil mit viel Freizeit zu ermöglichen. Heute ist sie verheiratet und wohnt in Berlin. Doch sonnenhungrig wie sie ist, verbringt sie immer noch einen großen Teil des Jahres in südlichen Gefilden. Zurzeit arbeitet sie an ih...

Foto: © Maria van Daarten | https://goo.gl/JjwNdd