Is it possible that a photographer\\\\\\\'s hiding beyond a journalist? A writer beyond a photographer? And beyond a drop-out someone who\\\\\\\'s quite willing to have a career - but by his own rules and at his own time and place? Can a man from Hamburg, Germany survive in Mauritius, Africa? And what\\\\\\\'s going on in such a man? Many questions are surrounding writer, photographer and journalist Christian Bass. In \\\\\\\"This is me - a monkey in the music\\\\\\\" he answers them all, even in pictures from his private collection. He invites the readers to have a close look at his inner thoughts and fears. In 24 English lyrics he talks about his ups and downs. \\\\\\\"This is me!\\\\\\\" is a simple but self-confident statement of a man who has proven \\\\\\\"If you really want something, there\\\\\\\'s always a way!\\\\\\\"

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    a monkey in the music
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    Traumstunden Verlag Essen
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    Gedichte & Lyrik
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Christian Bass

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