In a small, medieval village lives 13-year-old Arah, who was raised as an orphan in the household of the kind pastor. Arah loves books and often retreats into her own dream world. A momentous day arrives when a travelling exorcist visits the village in search of hidden witches. Although Arah likes to fantasize about magic and deep down in her heart would love to have magical powers, she listens to the exorcist's words with suspicion. There cannot possibly be witches in the real world … Arah finds she must flee after she is suddenly accused of being a witch. The girl does not yet know that the exorcist’s allegations really are true. Only when Arah encounters real magic does she understands more and more who she really is. A journey full of suspense and danger awaits the girl, during which she not only finally finds out who her parents are, but also discovers love for the first time.

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    Nature's magic Book 1
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    Fantasie & Fiktion
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Marlene Beer

Marlene Beer

Marlene Beer wurde 1983 geboren und ist Mutter von 2 bezaubernden Kindern. Neben ihrem Mutter Vollzeitjob liebt sie es zu lesen und zu schreiben. Bücher spielen in ihrem Leben eine große und wichtige Rolle. Besonders Fantasy Geschichten ziehen sie in den Bann. Dieses Jahr hat sie ihr erstes eigenes Buch veröffentlicht. "Die unwissende Magierin". Die ersten Ideen für diese Geschichte stamme...

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